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What to expect from a 20 yard dumpster rental

The 20 yard dumpster rental can accommodate the waste removal for nearly any home project, making it the best value available and our most popular bin rental. Opt for the 20 yard unit for serious home remodels and cleanouts—the Bin There Dump That team in Huntsville will drop off and pick up your rental in our conveniently sized trucks.

Bin There Dump That in Huntsville offers a wide range of bin sizes to accommodate all sorts of projects, but for major cleanouts and remodeling projects, you will want our biggest bin. Our 20 cubic yard dumpster rental can hold up to 3.5 tons of debris or 7,000 lbs. At 11 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 6 feet high, the 20 yard dumpster is our largest option available— saving you a lot of trips to the landfill!

Here at Bin There Dump, we designed our 20 yard dumpster to be residential-friendly. While it is our largest size available, its compact design will conveniently fit the typical residential driveway. By renting a 20 yard dumpster for all your needs in waste removal, you will save lots of trips to your local landfill and will not have to worry about trying to scale down your project. Our 20 yard dumpster can hold nearly 8 pickup truck loads worth of trash and debris and is equipped with full length double walk-in doors making it easy to place your trash inside the bin.

What fits inside a 20 yard roll-off dumpster?

A 20 yard roll-off dumpster is capable of holding up to 20 yards of waste making it the best option for getting rid of large and/or heavy materials.

While the 20 yard dumpster is our largest and sturdiest size, to be able to safely haul away the trash and debris placed within the container the load has to be level and within the designated weight limit. By contacting a Bin There Dump That Dumpster Consultant about your project needs and you will gain a better understanding of what can and can’t go into your dumpster.

Call us to schedule your delivery for a 20 yard dumpster. Here are some of the items a 20 yard dumpster is capable of hauling to your local landfill:

• Furniture 

• Construction debris such as wood, drywall, insulation, flooring, kitchen and bathroom materials, etc. 

• Plumbing fixtures 

• Cabinetry and countertops throughout your home 

• Decking and Siding 

• Appliances, old bikes, old toys and tools

Is a 20 yard dumpster the right size for my project?

There are many things to consider when choosing a dumpster size. Not only do you want it to hold all your trash and debris, but you want the container to be placed safely near your home. Our 20 yard dumpsters are our customer’s favorite since they offer the most room available for all your waste removal needs—while still being residential-friendly. The 20 yard dumpster rental can handle a wide range of projects for homeowners and contractors alike, including:

• Large home cleanups 

• Estate preparations 

• Home repairs and renovations 

• Room additions 

• Storm cleanups 

• Backyard renovations 

• Fire & flood restorations

How much does a 20 yard dumpster cost?

Bin There Dump that in Huntsville offers 20 yard dumpster rentals for $395. You will never have to worry about additional fees, and that price includes more than just a 10 day dumpster rental.

The $395 covers the 20 yard dumpster, delivery and haul away, and your state’s landfill fees. Also, our Huntsville team will be sure to clean any debris under the bin before we haul away your dumpster rental to the local landfill—saving you time and money!

Call our dumpster consultants to receive a quote on a 20 yard dumpster rental—we promise to clearly answer any and all questions about pricing. By choosing Bin There Dump That you can expect to receive the following serves with your dumpster rental:

• Same day delivery for orders placed before 11 AM. 

 • 10 day rental period, with extension options available 

• Dumping fees included up to 3.5 tons 

 • 100% Driveway protection to prevent damage to your property. 

 • Post-job clean-up under the bin before we haul it away. 

 • Expert service from our Dumpster Consultants and Delivery Experts

Why should I rent a Bin There Dump That 20 yard dumpster?

We are committed to providing Huntsville with convenient and reliable professional waste management services. At Bin There Dump That we designed our dumpsters to be residential-friendly and easy to load. The compact design of our containers makes it easy for us to maneuver our trucks down narrow streets—we will place your rental exactly where you need it. 

Choosing Bin There Dump That in Huntsville means you are choosing a team that knows how to safely drop off and pick up a dumpster, making it easy for you to remove trash and debris from your home or construction site.. Our 100% Driveway Protection promise, and post job clean-up will protect your driveway from damage—giving you peace of mind.

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